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Description: Grow ETo utilizes daily information from California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) stations. It takes the complex data measured at CIMIS stations across California and turns it into a user friendly, simplistic, and digestible digital dashboard. Grow ETo gives farmers an easy and affordable way to plan for the upcoming growing season and adjust irrigation along the way based on real-time data. Growers customize their dashboard based on the parcels they are farming and will be able to obtain real time information related to evapotranspiration (ETo) and solar radiation. Growers can filter by their specific crop to determine crop specific evapotranspiration (ETc) and are able to view the previous years temperature ranges.

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Westside/Grassland Combined Member Portal

The Client: The State of California developed the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program to regulate discharges from farming operations to surface water and groundwater. To facilitate compliance of individual farmers with programmatic requirements, the State allowed the formation of regional and commodity-based coalitions of growers. The Westside San Joaquin River Watershed Coalition and the Grassland Drainage Area Coalition formed to administer the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program for growers within these areas. Over 3000 farmers/operators are members of these two coalitions. Each year, members are required to complete and submit to the coalitions several surveys describing their farming practices and fertilizer applications. In turn, the coalitions must compile and aggregate the information prior to submission to the state.

The Problem: The Westside and Grassland Coalitions have growers that are members of both Coalitions. Members needed tools to assist them with tracking the completion and submission of the required forms even when they have dozens of farming operations that may be located across both coalitions. The coalitions needed tools to assist them with tracking member submissions, and for manipulating the information to facilitate submission to the State. The two coalitions wanted a single solution that includes both coalitions equally.

Technical Solution: Each coalition maintained a member database, developed by MLJ Environmental, to track member enrollment and store the required submissions. MLJ Environmental migrated these databases to a cloud-hosted solution, and combined them into one data warehouse providing a cost effective solution for both coalitions. Once the data were migrated to the cloud, MLJ Environmental designed and implemented a single web-based member portal that serves both coalitions.

Problem Solved: The Westside/Grassland Member Portal allows over 3,000 growers to access instantly their regulatory compliance information including “live checklists” of information required by the state and the submittal status of that information. The innovative design of the portal allows a single operator to access in a single location, all memberships for which they are responsible regardless of what coalitions they belong to. This saves the operator time in completing required forms especially when they manage dozens of farms within the two Coalition regions. In addition, the coalitions can easily access and report the information to the State allowing their members to be in compliance with Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program requirements.

Irrigation and Domestic Well Sampling – Online Form to Map and Schedule Sampling of Wells

The Client: Growers on the Central Coast of California have the option to join a coalition to assist with meeting the requirements of the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP). The Central Coast Groundwater Coalition (CCGC) formed in July 2013 to represent landowners and growers who farm in Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara or a small portion of Ventura counties.

The Problem: A requirement for growers is to sample wells on their property to determine the concentration of nitrate in the water. Members of the CCGC needed an efficient and easy way to identify and schedule the monitoring of their wells. Complicating the problem is that many growers spread their farming effort across several properties both spatially and temporally, potentially resulting in different identifiers assigned to the same well by different members. If not tracked properly, the same well could be sampled by more than one grower throughout the year resulting in unnecessary costs and duplicative efforts.

Technical Solution: MLJ Environmental created an online, web hosted, map centric scheduling tool. The scheduling tool allows the member to log in using their CCGC membership information and the web-hosted application lists the ranches associated with the member, and any wells on those ranches. The member is able to see the location of their wells on an interactive map with satellite imagery, roads, and cities, add/edit information about their wells and schedule sampling.

Problem Solved: CCGC members are able to log into a secure, personalized account, locate their wells on a map, and select the wells and a time for sampling that is convenient. This can all be done from a desktop or mobile device. The CCGC can determine if the wells have been sampled previously allowing a reduction in the cost of monitoring.

San Joaquin County & Delta Water Quality Coalition – Online Membership / Asset Management Tool

The Client: The San Joaquin County & Delta Water Quality Coalition (SJCDWQC) was established to help irrigated agriculture meet the requirements of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program. The SJCDWQC includes growers in San Joaquin County, Calaveras County, and Contra Costa County.

The Problem: With over 3,000 members, the SJCDWQC determined that it needed an online member management tool. The Coalition needed a solution to assist members in maintaining compliance with the ILRP including updating/adding parcels for membership, paying their yearly fees, submitting on-farm management practice information, and assessing upcoming deadlines. Because many members use farm managers, the solution needed to allow members to “delegate” access to their account to a farm manager.

Technical Solution: MLJ Environmental created a sophisticated, secure, and easily navigable online membership management tool. The tool (web portal) provides customized billing, compliance forms, mapping tools, and secure document storage. The portal also gives each member the ability to provide varying levels of access to their membership information to their farm manager. Farm managers use their delegate authority to assist the members in complying with one or all required ILRP elements, depending on the level of access granted by the member.

Problem Solved: Members in the SJCDWQC can now log into their account and pay their bill, add/delete parcels to their membership, check for upcoming meeting dates, submit required forms, and determine if they are missing any required information. In addition, the member can designate a farm manager to complete forms online and feel secure knowing that their farm manager has access only to the information allowed by the member.

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